What Are The Fatty Foods To Take When You Are In Keto Diet?

Once it was taught to us that low-carb and high-fat diet is something harmful. But, with continuous research, it is now proven that they are helpful. Helpful is just a simple term. The reality is that they are bringing a whole lot of health benefits to the humans. For instance, they are helping patients with epilepsy and heart disease. Even, they are friendly to patients with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. I can hear you saying everything is fine. But, what foods to eat when I am on a high-fat and low-carb diet like Keto?

Are all fats unhealthy?

When we hear the term high fat, we feel that it is unhealthy. But, keto diet is different. You will consume foods with high-fat content. At the same time, you will take carbs in lesser quantity. It means that your body will start to take energy from the fat already stored. The reason is that it does not get carbs to take energy from. Further, all fatty foods are not unhealthy. There are healthy fatty foods. When you are on Ketosis diet, you should take those foods. Also, they should be taken in the right quantities. Only then, you will get the complete benefits from keto.

Experts are of the opinion that healthy fats are the cornerstone of the keto diet. You should satisfy the energy needs of your body by supplying fat. You should get around 60-70% of the calories through fats. When it comes to deciding on the health of the fats, the source really matters. Higher fat content is one of the best aspects of the ketosis diet. The good thing about fat is that it is satiating. Further, as you know, it tastes great as well. The one thing you will have to ensure is that you take the right fats. As you know, you can get healthy fats from healthy oils. Here is a table to show the fat and other contents in different oils. You will also know the values of other healthy fats here:

Food with serving size of 1 tablespoon Calories Protein (in grams) Fat (in grams) Carbs (in grams) Fiber (in grams)
Butter/Ghee 102 0.12 11.5 0 0
Lard/dipping 115 0 12.8 0 0
Mayonnaise 94 0.13 10.33 0.08 0
Coconut oil 121 0 13.47 0 0
Coconut Butter 105 1 10.5 4 2.5
Flaxseed Oil 120 0.01 13.6 0 0
Olive Oil 119 0 13.5 0 0
Sesame Oil 120 0 10.6 0 0
Walnut Oil 120 0 13.6 0 0
MCT Oil 130 0 14 0 0

You should make sure that you get your omega fatty acids from the foods. To support your overall health, you should take a balance of omega 3 and omega 6. It is true that omega 6 is healthy. But, too much of it can cause inflammation. So, you should be careful about intake of foods with high omega-6 content. Some of the foods falling under this category are sunflower oil, corn oil, plant oils, and peanuts. When it comes to omega-3, you should focus on the ones that come from fish. As you know, fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon, and trout are the best sources. Also, you should be cautious about taking seed and nuts. The reason is that they contain some carbs as well. For instance, nuts like almonds, pistachios, and cashews are rich in carbs.

Four categories of fats permitted in keto diet:

You should know that four categories of fats are permitted in the ketogenic diet. They are saturated fats, MUFAs, PUFAs and trans fats. Here, trans fats are naturally occurring fats.

Healthy saturated fats on Keto: We have been taught that saturated fats are harmful. We think that they are not friendly to the heart. But, recent studies have proven it to be wrong. It has been found that they are beneficial to the human health in many ways. Also, there is a type of saturated fat called Medium-Chain Triglycerides. The human body can easily digest it. It is present in coconut oil and in small quantities in palm oil and butter. When you consume them, they will directly pass to the liver. So, they are instantly converted into energy. They are the best choice for athletic performance and for those looking for fat loss. Some athletes have even been commissioned to use CBD oil as part of their daily diet. Check out HerbMighty’s best CBD oil buyer’s guide for all the expert reviews on the top rated CBD oil of 2019.

Healthy MUFAs: Expanded as Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, these fats are known healthy. They are known to bring better insulin resistance and for good cholesterol. They will also help with lowering BP and reducing belly fat. Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent example for healthy MUFA. Avocados and avocado oil are also MUFAs.

Healthy PUFAs: PUFAs are Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. When heated, PUFAs can turn out to be unhealthy for consumption. So, most foods under this category should be consumed raw. But, they are highly healthy. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are PUFAs. But, as mentioned earlier, they should be consumed in the right quantities. Experts suggest that 1:1 ratio is best. It means that they should be consumed in equal quantities. Examples of PUFAs include nuts oil, sesame oil, walnuts, flaxseed and flaxseed oil.

Natural Trans Fats: As you know, trans fat is not at all healthy for humans. But, there is a kind of trans fat that is naturally found in some foods. The foods include dairy fats and grass-fed meats. They will help by bringing down the risk of heart disease. Also, they can provide possible protection against the risk of cancer. They will also bring down the risk of obesity and diabetes.


Fats form the major portion of the ketogenic diet. So, you should be highly careful about making the right choice of foods. In fact, nearly 60-70% of your keto diet will have fats. Making the right choice of oil and nuts will help you get the recommended fats. Of course, you have a complete liberty with respect to fatty foods in keto. But, you should never go overboard. The right fatty foods with the rightly planned diet will help you.

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We bet you didn’t know this side effect of Keto Diet!

We bet you didn’t know this side effect of Keto Diet!

Keto has suddenly become so wildly popular that you see almost everyone following it. We love seeing the many success stories of this diet – people are dropping sizes across the globe with this diet, which breaks every food logic you have been given so far. It aims at breaking your regular food pyramid and tells you FAT is not the evil.
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The reason it appeals to such a vast number of people is because it tells you to feast on things that you have been told to avoid all your life. It cuts down your cravings too because you are pretty much feasting on high-fat, high-protein diet.


Now coming back to why we are reading this article! There are so many success stories to this diet that makes it hard to avoid it – especially when so many people around you are raving about its benefits. But this trendy diet can have a side effect, that hasn’t been spoken about before. Apart from constipation and bad breath, this diet can alter your alcohol tolerance and get you really drunk, really fast.

Depending on the lifestyle you lead, it can either be a good thing or bad. Drinking, while on keto can leave you with a terrible hangover. The reason being – when you cut carbs from your diet, the glycogen stores of your body deplete. The depleted glycogen stores make you more prone to hangover.

Here is the explanation: When your body is in ketosis, the lack of glycogen makes alcohol head to your liver at a much higher rate, where it gets converted into acetaldehyde in order to activate faster metabolisation. This spikes up the chances of intoxication.

So to avoid this nasty hangover when your body is in ketosis, have a low carb meal before drinking. Also, avoid sugary drinks or beer. Your body will respond better to hard drinks or a glass of red wine.

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